Tree Care

Tree Trimming, Removal & Chipping

Dead trees and limbs can make for hazardous situations. We provide trimming, pruning or complete tree removal with our whole tree chipper (up to 24inch in diameter), but wood can also be cut to 18-24 inch lengths for firewood or chips on-site for mulching or other projects.

Stump Grinding

Stumps from downed trees can be both an eye sore and a mowing hazard. We grind them approximately 12 inches below the grade with grinding raked neatly into a mound to allow for settling. Grindings can also be removed if desired.

Land Clearing / building site preparation

Clearing for new building sites can be a daunting task for the average home owner or commercial builder, especially when it comes to clearing heavily wooded areas. We specialize in readying sites with complete tree and stump removal, leaving the area ready for site construction work.

Storm Damage

Seasonal storms can often leave downed or dangerous trees on your property. We are staffed and prepared to handle the removal and cleanup of unplanned branches and trees these unfortunate events happen.


Agricultural Services

Hay Baling

We specialize in quality orchard grass or clover mix hay for livestock including steer and horses. Available in both small square bale and 1 ton round bales, we can deliver to your location, and our production of thousands of hay bales during the summer months, helps us meet your demand during the Winter and Spring seasons when hay is less plentiful and often in short supply.

Mowing, field/ land management

Bucks recently passed laws regulating unkempt fields deemed to have nuisance weeds such as thistle and the airborne seedlings they produce. Whether to comply with regulations, or simply to keep fields and properties neat and managed, our assortment 7 foot, 14 foot bat-wing, and rotary mowers can easily do the job of smaller underpowered equipment. We also have Bobcat front mount brush hog mowers for clearing thick brush in hard to reach areas.